Positive Canine Training -Staffords Pet Design ServicesI spent many years working during the week, then loading up & heading out to dog shows on weekends. Met lots of interesting people & their dogs, in alot of different locations.  Put alot of miles on my van & camper.  Thru this I have a unique prespective about dogs & how to get the best performance from them.  What it takes to have a winner.  Learning how to live with several dogs at a time, peacefully & positively.

As past member of Kokomo Love on a Leash I can help you with the test and how to get started. 

Let me put my experience to work to help you with your pet.  In-home lesson plans with meetings in parks or stores or even just in the privacy of your home.  What ever works best for your situation.  Reasonable rates designed to help you help your dog with sitting, down, jumping on people, greetings at the door.

Positive Canine Training -Staffords Pet Design ServicesPositive Canine Training -Staffords Pet Design ServicesPositive Canine Training -Staffords Pet Design ServicesPositive Canine Training -Staffords Pet Design Services

Then into retirement I passed & became a dog trainer for both major Pet store chains.  At different times of course.  From that experience I  learned that neither chain was worried about qualifications for dog trainers.  All they wanted was an employee who said I want to be a dog trainer.  NO experience required, questionable backgrounds did NOT matter.  VERY questionable.  Which is why I left the employ of both chains.

You need a dog trainer who has experience, training, and the know how to do the job.

Positive Canine Training -Staffords Pet Design ServicesPositive Canine Training -Staffords Pet Design Services Positive Canine Training -Staffords Pet Design Services


I do not believe in the use of pinch collars. If you use pain, are you training or forcing your dog? It amazes me how some people send their dogs out to be trained and then expect things to be different at home.  Training is working together so the dog understands your rules -- working together as a team.

Why would you hire a dog trainer if they haven't proven themselves & their methods by putting titles on their own dogs?

Contact me for information or to set up YOUR private training class. I offer reasonable rates on training starting at just $180 for seven weeks of family dog training. I reserve the right to say NO or drop you with NO refund IF your dog is aggressive towards me or attempts to bite ME.

Clickers are included in the seven week training price.

Canine Good Citizen, or CGC as it is commonly called, is a test for family dogs.  It represents everyday type of events, in a test form where you can receive a title when it has been passed.

As of January 1. 2013, CGC is now an official AKC title.  See the AKC web site for exact steps in this test.  

In my classes I will help you with house breaking, and chewing.  I bring with me to your home different ways to solve those problems.  Then I show you different ways to accomplish all the basic commands, sit, down, leave it, drop it, stay, come & walk on a leash.  I also, bring different distractions with me, to show you & your pup how to handle different nosies & objects. Then we also get to do different fun things like, shake, crawl, and over. Since I believe in a more natural approach to things, I also give your handouts from that point of view. 

Canine Good Citizen, Positive Canine Training -Staffords Pet Design Services
As a CGC evaluator, I am qualified to evaluate dogs for Love On A Leash, which is a National Pet Therapy organization.  Wyatt & I are one of the local Therapy teams.  We visit nursing homes, help with reading programs at the local library, & help with events in our area.
White Shepherds, Positive Canine Training -Staffords Pet Design Services
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Contact me at StaffordPetDesign @ gmail.com. All emails will be answered.

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